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SMS Shortcuts

Friday, April 24th, 2009

cu@ : see you at
cusoon : see you soon
im4u : i am for you
itsf8 : Its fate
ldr : Long distance relationship
ltns : Longtime no see
luvu2 : Love you too
luv u : Love you
qt : cutie
U4e : Yours forever
Ur4me: You are for me
A3 : Anytime,anyplace, anywhere
B4n : Bye for now
Bcnu : Be seeing you
Bol : best of luck
Cul : see you later
Dnr : dinner
Ez : easy
F4i : for information
Gmta : great minds think alike
Hand  : Have a nice day
Hru : How are you
I4kwim : If u know what you mean
L8r : Later
Jk : Just kidding
Mte : My thoughts exactly
Nei : Anyone
Np : No problem
Oic : Oh i see
Pcm : Please call me
Pls : Please
Rotfl : Rolling on the floor laughing
Ruok : Are you okay
Thnq : Thank you
Ttfn : Tata –tata for now
Urok : You are ok
Xlnt : Excellent
Brb : Be right back
Btw : By the way
Imho : In my humble opinion
Imnsho : In my no so humble opinion
Lol : Laughing out loud
Rftm : Read the manual
xo : Hugs and kisses
iad8 : Tt’s a date
Bmval : Be my valentine
lskol : Long slow kiss on the lips
kdtc : Kiss on the cheek
wan2._* : want to kiss?
Ygm : You got mail