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Love urself ,Flirt with ur understanding,Romance with dreams,Get engaged with simplicity,Marry genuiness,Divorce the ego…That s Good Life… *Good Morning*….

Every new day
Is a new chapter of life
Bringing new topics
New moments 4 life
I wish 2day all the good
Moments approach
Why to make your day joyful

Good A.M 🙂

Knock!!!Knock!!! May I come into ur world???i bring no flowers,No cakes,But wishes to keep U fresh,Prayer to keep u healthy,And love to keep u smiling…Good Morning….

A prayer can go where I cannot go.
Through Prayers i can be with you
without being There.
I may be miles away
but my prayers
Will always be with You…

Good morning

Don’t Think About What You Haven’t Got……”
Think About What You Have Got
How To Use It …..”
Good Morning & Stay Blessed

Aaj soncha salam kya bheju,
Aap muskuraye aisa paigam kya bheju’
koi phool to mujhe maloom nahi….
Jo khud gulshan hai use gulab kya bheju….
gooood mrng..

Shadow of yesterday
Have faded away,
Sun has reappeared
It’s a brand new day

5 steps to a LOVELY MORNING
Close ur eyes,
Take a deep breath, Open ur arms wide,
Feel ur heartbeat, &
Say " Its too early. Let me sleep again."

The more u count ur blessings, the more blessings u will have, to count! I
always do, and I count u as the nicest blessing! God Bless u each day Good
Morning! Have a nice day!

Wrap a rainbow of joy in ur heart,
Let the sun paint a smile on ur face,
Remove all clouds of doubt & fear
And receive god’s gift of life.
Good Morning!

Good Morning Sms Quotes – Good Morning Text Sms

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Koi milta hi ny humse humara ban kr, o mile b to 1 kinara ban kr, ar khwab hai kanch ki tarah tute, 1 yakin hi hai sath sahara ban kr! udmrng hv a nice day!

Life Is Like A Cardiogram…
It Always Has Up & Down Graph.
If Its Steady, It Dies…
So Accept The Ups & Downs Positively…
G o O d
M o R n I n G

Don’t put r
‘Key To Happiness’
In sum1 else’ pocket
U can b happy now
rite now
wherever U r
U can still do all that
U want to do
G o_O d

Coins always make sound, But the currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases, Keep yourself calm and silent. GudDay!

Flowerful morning
Colorful noon
Joyful evening
Peaceful night !!

Be happy
It going to be
A fantastic day 4 u

See outside the Window,
Sun rising for U, Flowers smiling for U,
Birds Singing for U, B’coz last night
I told them to wish U GooD Morning.

You r my sweet SONA I don’t want u KHONA I want a place in your heart’s KONA
Otherwise i will start RONA Atleast Good Morning to kar LONA

See how beautifully
God has added one
More day in your life

Not necessarily bcoz
You need it
But because
Someone else
Might need “u”

Good Morning (f)

Good Morning Sms Greetings – Good Morning Messages

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Birds singing their song
Loud and clear,
Announcing to the world
A new day is here,

Every where
"Good Morning"

Sun appears in the east
Has begun a new quest,
In the middle at noon
And then sets in the west,

The mist turns to l,ight,Morning takes over the night..Another beautiful day dawning,Its time to wish a very Good Morning….

Wishing you contentment
And peace along the way
Good morning to you
And have a nice day:)

Happines is like a butterfly,
When u go after it,
It flies away but when u stand still it comes to u.
I wish u a butterfly day. Gud morning.

Todays Thought: Try hard to get what u like (or) you will be forced to like what u get. Keep smiling always it increases ur face value. Have a terrific day. GOOD MORNING

I have no yesterdays,
Time took them away,
Tomorrow may not be mine,
But I have Today
So wish you my friend a very good day…

Q: What is the difference b/w secretary & private secretary?

Secretary says GOOD MORNING SIR
Private secretary says ITS MORNING SIR

Waves Are Inspiring,
Not Becuse They Rise And Fall,
But Becuase They Never Fail To Rise Again.
Have A Rising Day.
Good Morning…

U may think that I forgot u. U may think that I don’t care, And U may think that I’m not thinking of u. Well, you’re wrong. You’re still in My Dreams.

Sweet Good Morning Sms – Free Good Morning Sms

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Could you do me a faVour..? Put Ur left hand over ur RIGHT Shoulder then Ur
Right hand to ur LEFT Shoulder There! I’have just given u a hug! (”,) G’d

sometimes ur luck is not with u,smtimes ur expectations r fail,just go and
say to ur friend & pray to god he will make ur badluck in to gudluck.because
god always loves mrng

No one can go back & make a new beginning, but anyone can start from now and
make a happy ending! Hope u’ll have a day that starts right and ends Happy!

We’re not too close in distance.
We’re not too near in miles.
But text can still touch our hearts
thoughts can bring us smiles.
Good morning!

“You have no idea how good
it feels to wake up every
morning knowing you are
mine and i am yours”
Have a great day ahead

If God ans ur Prayer, He’s incrasing ur Faith, If He Delays, He’s increasing
ur Patience. If He doesn’t ans, then He Known U Can Handle it Prfectly
Well!.gd mrng

,_o/’ Pleasant
     ‘l Morning!
Coz every new day brings new Life….
new blessings….
new hope!

Have a nice day! GUD-MORNING!

God’s blessings come as a surprise
how much you receive
depends on
how much your heart believes !

May you be blessed beyond you expectations
Good morning … 🙂

Early this morning God gave me 3 baskets of fruits
and told me 2 share them with PPL Dear 2 me.
I’m sharing all with U…

Good Morning!

Funny Good Morning Sms – Sweet Good Morning Sms

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Never blame any day in your life.
Good days give u happiness,
Bad days give u experience.
Worst days give u a lesson.

Have a good morning and great day ahead.

V r nt strong n powerful evryday
th8 V weep if need b
2 feel d luv n blosoming of a flower th8 was 1nce a seed
& yes reborn
if need b
Good a.m (=

DonÂ’t take life too seriously & always find time to laugh coz laughter not
only add years to ur life, but adds more Life to ur Years. Have nice day
Whatever is warm & inspiring, whatever means most to you, whatever makes you
smile & brings you joy thatÂ’s what I wish for U! Have a great day

Torna hota to Hum “Rishta” Na bnate,
Umeed nhi hoti to Hum “Sapna” na sjate,

Aitbar kiya hum ne apki “Wafa” ka,
Bharosa na hota to “Dosti” ka hath na barhate.

Good Morning

Doctors prescription 4 u…

A cute little smile 4 breakfast,
More laughs 4 lunch,
And lots of happiness 4 dinner…

Doctor’s fees?
A SMS whenever u r free….

Good Morning!

Soraj ki pehli kiran
Din ka pehla pehar
Panchion ki pehli chehchahat
Dhanak ka pehla rang
Hawa ki dandi sansanahat
Subha ka pehla khomar

I never say anything bad about myself not bcoz i belive i’m perfect,but I have enough people around me to speak on that topic! "GM"

New Morning
New Aim
New Achievement
Ur Dedication
Just do it and win it
Good Morning.

$üßäh ßæ khaiR
Sunday means
S= soEy raho
U= utho dair se
N= na kro koi kam
D= dekhty raho tv
A= aAram hi aram
Y= yad karo sirf
$o enjoy ur